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Lisa Vossler Smith
Palm Springs Art Museum

"A witty, insightful, and wonderful presention of a very compelling personal story about living with a disability."

"Teena's Trunk" poignantly recounts Teena Fitzroy's often funny, sometimes heart-breaking, personal journey. Audiences experience Teena’s struggles and successes in growing up while learning to live with a disability.


Audiences travel with Teena as she explores the treasures she carries and celebrates as well as some of the junk she has kept as reminders of the attitudes and misconceptions we need to change in order for all people to have the right to pursue their dreams.


 "I invited her to give this presentation to my undergraduate students. I have had her come in every year since - for over 20 years now.


Her message is a powerful one, a journey for independence and the quest to be "normal" in a world that would not accept her.


My students have consistently stated that her presentation is one of the most meaningful teaching tools they have ever experienced."




Jeannine Thomas

Social Worker



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