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Teena Fitzroy is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of six. Teena also has cerebral palsy-- but that does not define her.


Born in 1951, Teena is the youngest (and quick to point out, cutest) of four children. Placed in a residential institution at the age of 5, Teena quickly learned that  being feisty was the only way to be heard. Her residency was not long lasting, after 10 months, Teena was quickly thrown out for being a residential nightare! Back home, at the insistence of her mother, Teena was admitted to public school in first grade. She was the only student with a disability in her school.


After high school, Teena earned a B.S. in Sociology from Geneseo State University, after being told she could not be a teacher because her speech would have a negative impact on her students. Teena is quick to point out that her sociology degree qualifies her to do absolutely nothing. Despite this, Teena is a retired Family Information Specialist from Monroe 1 BOCES, helping families transition from an educational setting into the community and obtain the services needed to help them lead healthy, productive lives.


Prior to her role at Monroe 1 BOCES, Teena had many different jobs along her way. She was an advocate for families and children with disabilities with the Advocacy Center (now called Starbridge) in Rochester, NY. 


Teena continues to teach and share her experience as well as help guide families who need help navigating the world of special education services and beyond.


She continues to speak to groups of all ages, sharing the story of her journey. 



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